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Corporate Spotlight

Ausmex is a company assembled by experienced, exceedingly well-qualified and all very well rounded team members that have previously floated exploration companies which achieved major resource discoveries and success.
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Interview with Geoff Kidd, Director


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ASX Announcement 21 August 2019

Independent Expert Emeritus Professor Kenneth D Collerson was engaged to review and report findings on the latest Burra AMT & MT geophysical data, as recently announced by Ausmex (Refer ASX releases 7th & 14th August 2019). 

Key findings from the study indicate: 

(Full report available on the Ausmex Website - www.ausmexgroup.com.au) 

  • A comparison of trace element analytical data has established that the mineralisation at Burra has a similar source to the world class, giant Jinchuan Deposit in China. 
  • The Jinchuan deposit is the largest single magmatic sulphide deposit on Earth with >500 Mt @ 1.2% Ni, 0.7% Cu, Cu/Ni 0.58, ~0.4 g/t PGE. 
  • Conductive zones A and B recently identified by Ausmex, to the west of Princess Royal, are likely targets for a Jinchuan type deposit (Refer ASX releases 7th & 14th August 2019). 
  • Jinchuan mineral system hosts lenticular pipe-like feeders that are similar to the conductive structures mapped at Burra. 
  • The previously unrecognized multi-element association (Cu-Co-Ni-PGE±Au) mineralisation at Burra indicates a similar source to the giant Jinchuan Deposit in China. This shows the potential for discovery of a new mineral system in the Burra region of SA. 
  • The conductive "MT flare" modelled below Burra is interpreted to represent a Neoproterozoic example of the plume generated metal-rich domain that formed below Olympic Dam during the Mesoproterozoic. This Neoproterozoic plume event could also have played a role in genesis of Olympic Dam mineral system, as Gairdner dykes also intrude this deposit.

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ASX Announcement 12 August 2019 

  • Resource definition drilling delineates over seventy-five meters of down dip, high-grade gold mineralisation at the Shamrock Gold Mine. 
  • RC drilling continues to define additional high-grade gold mineralisation at the Falcon and Comstock mines, confirming the potential for the Golden Mile to host a large mineral resource estimate. 
  • Resource definition drilling continues at the Mt Freda Complex, including the Golden Mile, targeting high grade mineralisation suitable for a large open cut, bulk mining operation. 
  • Recent high-grade drilling results include: 

Shamrock Mine RC drill holes: (75 m of continuous high-grade gold mineralisation delineated down dip from surface). 

  • SH19RC036: 14.5 g/t Au over 1 m within 4 m @ 4.0 g/t Au ( 17 - 21 m) 
  • SH19RC031: 7.0 g/t Au over 1 m within 4 m @ 2.6 g/t Au (54-58 m) 
  • SH19RC032: 3.0 g/t Au over 1 m within 5 m @ 1.2 g/t Au ( 74-79 m)

Falcon Mine RC drill holes: (Down dip & strike length extensions from surface). 

FA19RC029: 12 g/t Au over 1 m within 3 m @ 5.3 g/t Au (37-40 m) included within a large mineralised zone of 43 m (0.61 g/t Au) 

  • FA19RC030: 5.7 g/t Au over 1 m within 7 m @ 1.5 g/t Au (42-49 m) 
  • FA19RC027: 4 m @ 1.0 g/t Au within 7 m @ 0.8 g/t Au (34-41) 
  • FA19RC023: 3m @ 1.0 g/t Au ( 24-27 m) 

Comstock Mine RC drill holes: (Southern Strike length extensions). 

  • CO19RC035: 7.8 g/t Au over 1 m within 3m @ 3.2 g/t Au (40-43 m) 
  • CO19RC038: 6 g/t Au over 1 m within 8 m @ 1.5 g/t Au (21-29 m) 

(Note due to an unprecedent back log of samples at Assay Laboratories, the Company has now engaged three independent Laboratories to complete outstanding drill hole analysis, with the subsequent assays and drill hole results not released in numerical order).

Figure 1. Shamrock Gold mine cross section highlighting over seventy-five metres of continuous down dip, high-grade gold mineralisation delineated to date by resource definition drilling. (Refer ASX releases 1st & 11th July 2019 for previous results)

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ASX Announcement 7 August 2019 

  • Latest 3D geophysics modelling of MT and AMT results, incorporating regional magnetics and gravity, identifies a formerly unknown shallow conductive structure – IOCG Target “A”. 
  • IOCG Target “A” is a new & previously unexplored structure approx. 2 kms west of the historic Princess Royal copper-gold workings, the site of some of the first copper ore production in SA dating from the 1840’s, (Historic grades up to 27% Cu). 
  • This new structure is located at the top of an MT conductive “plume” which appears from the modelling to also feed the historic Princess Royal deposit. 
  • The latest modelling indicates that IOCG Target “A” is more conductive than the known historic Princess Royal deposit, potentially reflecting extensive primary sulphide mineralization. 
  • Target “A” has several kms of strike length, is approximately 1.5 kms wide, and extends from near surface to an approx. depth of 1.7 kms.

Figure 1. Raised elevation on 3D model, looking to the NW & showing AMG’s IOCG Target “A” conductive anomaly with the magnetic structure showing through 2 sections of AMG’s MT/AMT model sections. The shorter AMT section results from AMG’s closer 1 kms spaced AMT survey. The historic Princess Royal mineralisation is shown on the right and the much larger new Target “A” is in the centre. It comprises a magnetic trend which is coincident with a strongly conductive MT/AMT structure. 

Figure 2. Is an elevated section looking to the NW and is a similar raised elevation on the 3D model to Figure 1, but this time showing AMG’s Target “A” conductive anomaly and the magnetic structure’s strong alignment with the conductive structure that is evident in the AMT section. That shorter AMT section was developed from AMG’s 1 km spaced AMT program and specifically targeted the Princess Royal mineralisation. The historic Princess Royal mineralisation is shown on the right and the much larger new Target “A” in the centre. 

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Board and Management

Mr. (Joseph) Yosse Goldberg, Chairman

Mr. Goldberg has a successful international career in Property Development in the UK, Spain, USA and Canada. Mr. Goldberg has also been a consultant and major shareholder in a number of companies and helped companies create a foothold in countries such as PNG, Indonesia, Cameroon, South Africa and Turkey. Mr Goldberg has also consulted to Sydney Gas Limited, Blue Energy Limited, Kimberley Diamond Company NL, Sundance Resources Limited, CuDeco Limited, Gindalbie Metals Ltd about resource projects such as iron ore, oil and gas bed methane and copper. Recently Mr Goldberg has been engaged in establishing a major thermal, cooking oil and gas project in Indonesia requiring major infrastructure and financing.

Mr. Goldberg is currently a Non Executive Director of ASX Listed Company South Pacific Resources (ASX:SPB).

Dr Andrew Firek

Dr Firek holds a M.Sc. and a Ph.D and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and the Australian Institute of Energy. He has been involved in the minerals exploration, mining and processing industry at operational and executive levels for over 25 years.

He worked in Europe and Africa as a United Nations expert in fossil fuels, mineral processing and energy generation. He was a Group Leader at the CSIRO, Division of Fossil Fuels in Sydney and was engaged in developing technologies to produce liquid fuels from coal. He was a Project Director at Memtec Ltd, following which he joined Pancontinental Mining Ltd where he was a Research and Development Manager involved in substantial mineral resources projects including base and precious metals, uranium and the technology development and commissioning of a $220 million magnesia production facility near Rockhampton in Queensland. He worked on site during construction and commissioning for 12 months. He was a founding director of three ASX-listed companies and managed coal, iron ore, base and precious metals exploration, feasibility studies and financial negotiations for projects in Australia, South America and China (Inner Mongolia).

Dr Firek is the former Chief Executive and director of Coalworks Ltd taken over by Whitehaven Ltd in 2012 and a former executive director of Allegiance Mining NL and Zelos Resources NL. Currently he is a non-executive director of ASX-listed company Wollongong Coal Limited.

Mr Matthew Morgan, Managing Director

Mr Morgan holds a Bachelor of Science (Geology), is a member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (MAusIMM), and has over 20 years’ experience in mine geology, quality control and mining engineering, and mine management roles in coal, gold, antimony, and iron ore mining & exploration, both open-cut and underground. Mr Morgan recenty resigned as a non-executive director of ASX-listed company Gold Mountain Ltd (ASX:GMN).

His previous management experience includes open cut roles with BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Theiss, and Underground Mine Manager for Mandalay Resources and was previously exploration manager for Coalworks Limited prior to the 2014 takeover by Whitehaven Coal. Mr Morgan has previously worked within Australia as well as in Malaysia, Mongolia, & Papua New Guinea.

Mr Geoff Kidd, Director

Mr Kidd has over 35 years’ experience working in senior positions in and around the mining industry. He has fulfilled successful roles as Managing Director, Director, Chief Operating Officer, Operations Manager, General Manager, Engineering Manager, Project Manager and Regional Manager of mining companies or leading consultants to the mining industry.

He was previously Chief Operating Officer for Coalworks Limited prior to its takeover by Whitehaven and has worked successfully on numerous aspects of mining developments in all states of Australia and in Irian Jaya, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, South America, China, and the USA.
Mr Kidd was a founding Director and Partner of Sedgman & Associates (later Sedgman Limited) and a founding Director of Mineral Control Instrumentation Pty Ltd, (later Scantech Limited) a company which commercialised CSIRO inventions for the mining industry.

He has a long background in successfully managing the risks associated with managing, studying, designing, purchasing, building, and commissioning new mines together with the expansion & optimisation of new and existing mine developments.

Mr Kidd was the inaugural Chairman of Austmine, a Federal Government initiative to export Australian mining expertise and services. He has also been a member of Australian trade delegations and he has chaired a number of mining industry professional bodies and associations.

Aaron Day , Director

Aaron Day is a Senior Geologist having been employed by Ausmex Mining Group managing the companies exploration, drilling and logistical programs in Cloncurry mineral field since early 2017. Aaron is also employed by the company as Site Senior Executive (SSE) for the Mt Freda group of mining leases and associated tenements. Aaron has consulted and been employed by a number of ASX listed and private companies in Australia. His duties have included designing and managing exploration and drilling programs, cadastral, environmental, health and safety, machinery and construction, site services and geophysical surveys and programs. With Aaron joining the Board and being a full time resident of Concurry, will allow the company to have a director on a full time basis solely for managing the Companies tenements and assets in the Cloncurry region. Aaron commences his role as a non-executive directors on 1st July 2017.

Nicole Galloway Warland, Project Manager Burra Region SA
B.Sc. Geo (Hons), MAIG, FGAA

Nicole is a geologist with over 25 years’ experience in the mining and exploration industry in Australia, Eastern Europe and South America. Her experience spans from exploration through project evaluation to open cut and underground mining; with a commodity focus in gold, copper-gold, base metals and uranium. Over the last 10 years she has been based in South Australia, exploring in the Adelaide Geosyncline, Gawler Craton and Musgrave Province.

She has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree from the University of Technology, Sydney and is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG), and Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia (FGAA).

Matt Suttling – Chief Financial Officer

Mr Suttling formerly of BDO Accountants, is a Chartered Accountant in Public Practice. He has practiced in the corporate mining and commercial sectors for many years including management accounting,  IPOs, financial modelling and resource related work.

Mientze Tang, Company Secretary

Ms Tang has been involved as an executive, company secretary and commercial manager with a listed resource and private equity group specialising in mining, capital-raising and IPOs. Ms Tang has practiced as a solicitor in large and boutique legal firms in funds management, commercial, corporate and capital raising/ IPOs. She was also an in-house corporate lawyer with a large financial services company.



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