Represent Your Company on HotCopper

If you are a representative of an ASX or NZX listed company, or any other company involved in finance or investment in Australia or New Zealand, your company is probably being discussed on HotCopper. You are welcome to contribute to this discussion on behalf of your company.

The HotCopper Terms of Use and corporate regulations require that you disclose your involvement in any company you are discussing on HotCopper. We are currently implementing a system to authenticate members who represent a company and label them as an authorised representatives of the relevant company when they post in the HotCopper forums. We hope that this will give companies a voice on HotCopper, allow them to respond to questions that members pose, and allow them to clear up confusion that may develop in the absence of an "official" response.

How Does it Work?

  • Company representatives can apply to be authenticated by HotCopper as described below.
  • Once you are authenticated we will add a logo and label against your username to identify you as an authorised representative of your company. The exact way this is displayed may change as we refine the system. The label will include the company name, and your position in the company
  • You can continue to read and post on HotCopper as you always have, but now when you comment on your company, other members will know that you are an "official" source.

How to Apply

If you want to become an authorised company representative:

  1. Lodge a support request here asking to become a company representative and explaining who you represent.
  2. Our support team will send you an application form to complete and return.
  3. We'll let you know once we've processed your application and you will be labelled as a company representative on HotCopper.


  • Can I represent more than one company?
    Yes you can. If you get authorisation from an appropriate person in each company you can be a company representative for multiple companies.
  • My company has lots of representatives, what do we do?
    You can all become authorised representatives on HotCopper. For accountability (to protect members, companies, and HotCopper) we ask that each person has a separate HotCopper account.
  • I don't have a HotCopper account, can I be a company representative?
    Yes you can. It's free to join HotCopper so you can join here and then apply to be a company representative, or apply and we will set up a HotCopper account for you.
  • Do I have to be authorised by my company to use HotCopper?
    No. If you are posting in a discussion that is related to your company and you have a significant role in that company (director, senior management, PR, etc.) then you must disclose this. If you are claiming to be authorised to speak on behalf of the company then we would ask you to get authenticated to prevent any misunderstandings. You will still need to comply with any corporate regulations relating to release of information whether you are labelled as a company representative or not.
  • What will the "Company Representative" label look like?
    We are still refining this and will update members when it's ready.
  • Can I advertise my company as a "Company Representative"?
    No. You can answer questions from members, and clarify issues from your position as a company representative. If you want to advertise anything on HotCopper, please contact us via the support page or see our advertising page.
  • How does HotCopper ensure a company representative is real? We make sure we have received authorisation from an appropriate person within the company. We make reasonable efforts to make sure this is authentic and came from a person with appropriate authority within the company, but we don't fingerprint anybody!


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