Canada's Hillcrest Energy (CSE.HEAT) partners with BC's Powertech Labs

ASX News
12 Apr 2024 15:50 (AEST)

Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE)-listed Hillcrest Energy Technologies (CSE:HEAT) has partnered up with British Columbia-based utility research and engineering firm Powertech Labs for the latter to test Hillcrest’s ZVS Inverter technology at grid-scale.

That inverter technology is a patented Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) solution.

In electrical terms, ZVS ultimately optimises the process of powering a device with electricity in such a fashion that energy can be saved, and, the device in question may see its life extended due to less wear and tear.

The company describes itself as a pioneer with a premium solution unbeaten by rivals. There’s an ESG angle buried in there too: the company describes the tech as sustainable, due to keeping assets online for longer.

Hillcrest also believes its technology can reduce distortion of currents into grid-scale systems, reducing overall system costs.

“This [technology] can achieve increased efficiencies, performance and reliability in electric systems, such as electric vehicles and grid-connected energy systems,” Hillcrest writes on its website.

Now Powertech has taken an interest in Hillcrest’s ZVS tech, and it’s going to test it on grid-scale applications. Powertech is a subsidiary of Canadian utility BC Hydro.

The ultimate implication is that should tests be successful using Hillcrest’s tech, utility operators may look towards Hillcrest as a potential supplier of next-generation hardware to enhance the productivity of electrical grids.

“Our alliance with Powertech Labs signifies a momentous leap forward in bringing our grid inverter technologies to market,” Hillcrest commercial operations chief James Bolen said.

“Leveraging their cutting-edge test facilities, seasoned experts, and strong industry relationships, we are poised to accelerate the commercialisation and certification of our groundbreaking ZVS technology for the rapidly expanding grid-connected market.”

Powertech CEO Pierre Poulain echoed Bolen’s sentiments.

“Our mission is to champion innovative solutions that propel electrification and clean energy forward for decarbonising BC’s industrial, commercial, and residential sectors,” Poulain explained.

“With our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we stand prepared to support Hillcrest in the development of their revolutionary grid solutions.”

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