Unith wraps up Q1 with $5M in cash as digital humans evolve

Unith Limited (ASX:UNT) has wrapped up Q1 with $4.8M in cash and cash outflows improved by 63%, the company announced on Wednesday.

But perhaps the more interesting story is how good Unith’s ‘digital humans’ are getting.

To recall, Unith is developing a business-facing product that intends to allow companies of all types SaaS access to AI-powered photorealistic avatars capable of conversing with human customers over the internet.

Currently, Unith’s updated website allows the public to chat with “Zoe.”

For those out of the loop, or who might be confused by the language – Zoe doesn’t exist. Her voice is based on a voice actor’s and then filled in with AI; and AI does the thinking for her.

A computer generated model based on or comprised of real faces in a wide dataset has given us what “Zoe” looks like, tweaked by Unith engineers – brunette, pleasant, and professional-casual.

When this journalist asked Zoe to recommend the best place in Perth to buy a bike, she was unable to actually name a store, but did start to break down the question – what kind of bike was I looking for?

I was expecting her to name the first store that pops up on google, but instead I got a more practical approach. What kind of bike was I looking for? I hadn’t even thought of that. I guess that’s actually a pretty important point.

Right now, conversations may not have the same level of flow that a conversation between two humans would have, but the improvement’s to Unith’s product are becoming clear as the company further advances.

In March, the company took on an ex-Microsoft VP onto its board.

For those who have played around with GPT before, the responses from Zoe will be familiar – that’s because GPT technology is ultimately what drives Unith’s digital humans in conversational settings.

But the tech, according to Unith, can also be used to convert text to video – useful for companies seeking to provide training videos and explainers.

Unith is also training its digital humans for “guided conversations,” which are designed to boost conversion by constantly bringing customers back to sales talking points (or other intended outcomes.)

Unith is now working on customisation panels that will allow businesses purchasing the company’s digital human service to tweak what the avatar looks like, as well as allowing plugins. The biggest hurdle, at this point, appears to be the pace at which conversation is generated.

“UNITH made strong development progress on the Digital Human platform to achieve all Q1 CY24 AI milestones in the Roadmap ahead of schedule,” company chief Idan Schmorak said.

“Since soft launching the platform to select clients, we have been gathering valuable feedback and insights which will position digital humans generated from the platform to perform more tasks than originally planned, on launch.”

Unith shares were up 7.7% to 1.4cps on Wednesday.

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