Recce Pharma heading closer to full efficacy data for flagship R327

Recce Pharma (ASX:RCE) has announced the latest cohort of patients part of the company’s Phase I/II UTI trial has been dosed with the highest ever volume of R327 to date.

In the ongoing IV-based trial that seeks to treat urinary tract infections, patients are now being injected with 4,000mg of the company’s flagship anti-infective.

The company has been testing the dosages over varied timeframes ranging from 45 minutes down to 15 minutes. The company is heading for a position where it can dose patients as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

The stock, ultimately, wants to treat UTIs with a one-time-only dose of R327 in sub-15 minute timeframes.

The company reported on Wednesday that its Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) activity against bacteria has already been identified based on existing clinical data.

At the wrap-up of the trial, the company will be able to release data surrounding the full efficacy of R327.

RCE last traded at 61.5cps.

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