Davisite ,You have to have done engineering, concrete is your...

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    Davisite ,
    You have to have done engineering, concrete is your God .
    This kind of report is not meant to do the same thing as , say a double blind trial for a therapeutic agent , ''do we give this drug or not''.

    If the bias is 5,85% it might mean the overall figures might be out , but frankly ,still significant, and still useful for planning interventions.
    You might expect , human nature being what it is , that there would be significant under-reporting.

    Anyway , perhaps with your experience you could detail [ and I stress the word detail ] how you would go about gathering data in this area.
    Keep in mind , they were trying to get an idea of how much people were thinking about it , not how much they were doing it, to plan preventative measures.

    The difficulty here seems to be that this , as with a lot of things , seems to have been taken as an attack on males , and therefore there needs to be a reflex , right or wrong , defence.

    Just pathetic and selfish.

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