mate i read that whole alarmist copy and paste about the pedo...

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    mate i read that whole alarmist copy and paste about the pedo death cult

    i even looked up that journal article too see if this guy was pusging for parental licenses... he wasnt, merely discussing options and schools of thought, as philosophy wankers tend to do. ot also has nothing to do woth the WEF, but im sure you didn't bother reading it or looking into that

    also, the logic that the WEF are behind headlines like "shocking amount of Aussies want to sleep with kids" as a long term strategy for normalising this behavior is up there with the dumbest things i have ever read....

    since they are a 9,000 year old pedo death cult controlling the world, can you point to any actual policies implemented by them? should be heaps throughout history no? or is it only kicking off now? give me strength...

    furthermore, this obsession with "elites" us staggering. if soros/clinton/gates/whatever flavour of the month ot is now has the wealth, means and protection to get away with running a pedo death cult, why would they bother trying to control the masses? cant they just continue to live their deviant satanic lives consequence free, as we are to believe theyve been doing for 9,000 years??

    make it make sense champ
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