$12.5 Billion Job-Keeper Rort

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    And naive lil' ol' me thought I was getting a handle on the range and depth of rorts committed under Morrison's government, well "Hello lapdog!"

    Tonight there's breaking news of the extent to which businesses were allowed to rort 'JobKeeper' with impunity and to thereafter just keep the mountains of taxpayer money shovelled out the door by Morrison's $Greed-$Feeding government.

    " $4.6bn in JobKeeper went to businesses that increased their turnover at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic "

    "... But for more than 365,000 employers, real-world turnover did not actually fall below the thresholds for the April to June period last year.
    These organisations accrued about
    $12.5 billion dollars in JobKeeper payments during that time.
    "It is morally outrageous that they were willing to let this extent of taxpayer waste go on, without shutting it down," Dr Leigh said.
    "It was being splashed around like there was some sort of an Aladdin's cave, in which businesses could just go and take out as many taxpayer jewels as they liked."

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