"There are a few caveats to this statement. 1. being per capita...

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    "There are a few caveats to this statement.
    1. being per capita we have more available medical help. i.e ICU beds, trauma wards etc.
    2. The Australian Army has a huge capacity to undertake overload well before triage reaches the levels of treatment vs non-treatment"

    on point 1. ---------- no ---------- I ran through the ICU per capita numbers for France and Australia many months back - I thought they would be quite different - they are in fact - 'almost' exactly the same.

    point 2. -------------- I assume you are saying that the Military has a large ICU capacity ------

    that would be big news to me -------- please provide evidence

    when I was serving - no way jose did we have a capability like you speak of - just no way.

    I ran the casualty department in a major military hospital - we didn't have an ICU unit at all

    I seriously doubt if that's any different in any scale now
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