" Anti-vaxxers are my enemy. Anyone who stands up to their...

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    " Anti-vaxxers are my enemy. Anyone who stands up to their constant spamming on here has my respect. We can be an asshole to each other about little things later."

    It does not follow that those who have not been vaccinated against this pandemic are all Anti-vaxxers, a number of individuals are not convinced the vaccine has been tested adequately or can remember the days when one & all were told Thalidomide in the 50/60's was safe for morning sickness.

    This year to date there have been more deaths in Australia from the AZ vaccine than from Covid.

    It is agreed 6 deaths out of the number that have received the vaccine is a very low percentage, however those that are making it their democratic right by not having the AZ vaccination do not want to be statistic # 7.

    It has SFA to do in many cases of being an Anti-vaxxer but more to do with assessing what the beaurocrats are trying to diktat.
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