2021 NRL Tipping "Metalduster" Comp

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    With Nickyjames missing in action since the day of the USA elections I can not see him coming back to open up the NRL tipping comp. First game of the season starts 11th March which is 2 weeks from today.

    As always the years comp is in the name of the winner last year, so let me officially open up the "2021 NRL Tipping Metalduster Comp".

    Well done last year on the win @Metalduster.

    Anyone can join, it is very easy to join too. Just click the following link ( https://www.footytips.com.au/comps/HotCopperNRL&p=hotcopper ) and click the "Join Comp" button. You will need to then sign in if you are already a registered tipper. If not click the "Play Now" link and sign up. Use your hotcopper nickname in the "alias" box when registering.

    Those over the years that have joined or been apart of the LMS comp I've tagged you in below probably misses a few as well. I'll set up the new LMS comp next week for those that are interested.

    @burj @schillaci @bluesclues @pe981 @justajoe @bayview @dan1 @Metalduster @simokta @>Russ< @absewaa @ahjay @AI @frzyie @Greenhaven @h00ts @HC_Trader @John25 @nickyjames @roaminoz @Warnie @ingvestor @Kooka @Madmin @The-Head @dooriedog @JtS1402 @rookstar @sledger @wowog @nickyjames
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