In the Philippines we have 'brownouts' all the time. It's load...

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    In the Philippines we have 'brownouts' all the time. It's load shedding and necessary when the capacity of the electricity grid fails to meet demand (yeah doh but some need to hear that again). We all share the pain.

    So in Victoria past few days they are feeling the same pinch. Get used to it peoples. Blackout/Brownout Bowen is taking all of us down the same path. He'll say its good for the environment and necessary to save the planet. Bowen, "if you don't like us don't vote for us", Bowen.

    He's designing an electricity grid that fills farm land and oceans with wind turbines and solar panels that use massive amounts of dirty electricity to build. He's leaving this stain on the planet. Best advice, buy a generator.
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