Accelerate the World's Transition to Sustainable Energy - to fight Anthropogenic Climate Change

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    This thread discusses issues related to the acceleration towards sustainable energy & transportation driven by the threat of anthropogenic climate change.

    It should broadly discuss the acceleration in the adoption of renewable energy sources, as well as the transition away from ICE to EV technology and how they relate to climate change. A key facet of sustainable transportation also relates to the emerging autonomous driving technology.

    As I suspect that man made climate change will increasingly move to front of mind over coming years, the rate at which the world transitions towards sustainability will be critically important to all of our lives.

    The World is transitioning away from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) technology to Electric Vehicles (EVs). The debate as to whether or not this is indeed happening is over.

    Major advanced economies have legislated for the phasing out of ICE technology... and the number is increasing over time.

    As a consequence, many ICE car manufacturers are committing to the phasing out of fossil fuel vehicles... and their number is increasing over time.

    While technological advance allows this transition to happen, anthropogenic climate change is the key driver for this transition. There simply is no reason for nation states to mandate the phasing out of ICE technology, if it was not for the threat of man made climate change.

    The debate as to whether or not anthropogenic climate change is happening or not has also long been settled.

    With 191 nation states that are signatories to the Paris Climate Change Accord in 2015, the overwhelming majority of the world's population acknowledges the science of man made climate change as settled and the need for action to fight it.

    However, what really matters in this debate is no longer whether or not the EV transition or whether or not man made climate change is happening, but the inter-relation between the EV and energy transition and man made climate change.

    With every day that passes, the complexity of man made climate change becomes not only better understood, but the effects of climate change become more and more obvious to observe. Likewise, as the transition towards sustainable energy & transportation progresses, we get a sense of whether this transition is happening at a sufficiently rapid rate, to fight the negative consequences of climate change.

    I do declare a shareholding in a number of stocks related to the EV transition, currently including (TLSA, ARL, AVZ, CXL, CXO, GNX, PLL, PLS, TLG, VUL and WSA). The astute reader will notice that the thread title aligns closely to Tesla's mission statement. Given the size of Tesla, I doubt that any discussion here on HC is ever going to impact on its share price. However, I find the mission statement to be highly relevant to the kind of debates that need to be had over coming decades.
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