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    Well we are down the list for EV makers due to our lack of commitments to emissions targets and poor infrastructure in relation to EV’s.
    We will miss out on the latest models due to high demand in European countries were they have put in place shorter timeframes for complying to emissions targets.

    You do seem to be fixated on this point, is that because when you eventually make the leap into an EV you want it to be the best possible one?

    I don’t have a problem with the bloke from VW and his company’s business model, seems to be based on sound principles?

    The fact that Australia hasn’t been able to find a decent renewable energy system capable of producing enough energy to be able to switch off our coal systems, switching from ICE vehicles to EV’s in a major way would only put more pressure on the grid and as such we would have to burn more coal to satisfy the demands created by the EV’s.

    Surely it would be better to sort out our electrical grid before we put more pressures onto it in the form of EV’s?

    Pre automobiles the bloke at the coach house knew that he had to put the horse at the front of the cart and not behind it.
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