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    Anybody who buys an EV or hybrid in Australia is a fool. If you only drive a few kms for shopping it might be OK, but for anybody else forget it. Out of interest when ordering my new Porsche I did the sums around a hybrid vehicle
    1) The hybrid version costs $60,000 more than the pure ICE version

    2) The hybrid version can only drive 45km on electric power

    3) The hybrid version weighs 400 kgs more due to batteries, electric motor and cables.

    4) When not driving in electric mode the vehicle uses 2 litres/100kms more due to lugging around the extra 400kg of dead weight.

    5) when not driving those few kms on electric the vehicle pollutes more due to the extra fuel used due to the weight its lugging around

    6) When not using electric the fuel tank needs to be bigger to lug around extra fuel which the vehicle uses due to the dead weight of 400kgs that it has to lug around.

    7) The hybrid version has an ICE engine that needs to be larger to compensate for the extra weight thats being lugged around if you want the same performance as the pure ICE vehicle.

    8) Buying a hybrid vehicle actually does more damage to the environment by producing extra pollution due to have a larger engine burning extra fuel to lug around the dead weight of batteries.

    Result, I gave the hybrid vehicle a big miss as the extra cost of $60,000 allows me to purchase petrol to drive an extra 500,000 kms for the money I saved.
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