It wouldn’t even surprise me if the one third claim, was an over...

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    It wouldn’t even surprise me if the one third claim, was an over estimation.

    Carbon capture and storage doesn’t deliver, well it does deliver “something” doesn’t it?

    $3 billion plus spend to under deliver by two thirds does seem exactly like a big waste of money doesn’t it, Davo.

    Now I understand that you don’t like the idea of CCS and I agree.
    If MMCC issues were as important to them as they would like us to believe then wasting time and money on trying to keep ff’s in the mix did seem a little bit foolish.

    The fanfare at the start with all the company and government player’s patting themselves on the back, was also a bit of a give away.

    Plus (I would like to think) I’m sure that you didn’t just believe the company promo pack.

    I’m sure it was obvious from the start for anyone who bothered to scratch around on the net for 30 minutes or so that some parts of the pretty picture they were painting were true but quite a lot of it was “Expectations based”.

    That’s because nobody had ever tried to do it on this scale, that have succeeded.

    As your newspaper story says “Even the best engineers on the planet couldn’t get it to work “ but I don’t think Chevron, Shell and Exon Mobil would be to concerned about the lack of progress or only being able to achieve 30% after all their efforts and cash spend.

    5% ish of the overall field development costs for them to be seen as being proactive as well as social responsible to get the project approved was a bargain, imagine how much it would cost for our government to attempt a project like that.
    For starter’s, they wouldn’t have been able to secure “the best engineers in the world “.

    However while we can agree that this single attempt to reduce Co2 emissions was based on a flawed/dodgy concept, you fail to have noticed that all the other efforts to reduce carbon emissions (PV’s Wind Turbines Geothermal all the colours of Hydrogen production) are very similar.

    None of them have yet to achieve anywhere near their touted goals.

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