Accelerate the World's Transition to Sustainable Energy - to fight Anthropogenic Climate Change, page-403

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    Hey birdy

    I am not pushing my view down your throat.

    However, while you have expressed your doubts about Germany ever weaning itself off fossil fuels and nuclear energy, I have provided charts showing the rapid decline in their use over recent years and the rapid increase in the use of renewable energy.

    ... and when you continued to rant about "leftards", I highlighted that the conservative German government has legislated specific dates for the shutting down of their few remaining nuclear reactors as well as their coal fired power stations... not some left wing socialist regime that you are obviously so scared of.

    The good thing about HC is that to the discerning reader it becomes clear very quickly which posters can actually articulate a somewhat coherent argument and which are airbags trying to carry a discussion on the basis of opinion pieces they have read, but which they can barely understand ...
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