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    You do realise? that the fact you are not prepared to debate others with differing opinions marks you as a zealot and
    less of a person than those that respect another human being enough, for them to have an opinion.

    I suggest you consider that some that might be absolutely convinced that what you say is correct
    would also agree that shutting down other's opinions and not having the courage to debate says much about you.

    There are plenty of posters here (myself included) not totally convinced with the populist AGW argument yet
    have a vested interest in the new technologies, understand much about the pros and cons and have great knowledge of the debate.

    I for one have 40% of our investment portfolio in stocks in this sector, (have been in them for the best part of two decades)
    have solar panels on one property, have recycled before councils got on the bandwagon and charged me for my effort, and have friends and acquaintances that are involved in renewable projects, understand the economic costs and benefits or can understand how they should be applied.
    They do this with a good grounding in understanding human behaviour and market dynamics too.

    What many of my cohort do understand is that they are not all knowing, do not claim they are but are willing to present the holistic elements to discussion. Unlike what you have stated and many of the bolt on AGW protagonists.

    The number of people espousing their green credentials because of their aspiration to own their first Tesla yet unable to understand the basics of the energy grid, its use, the cost of the power, the energy (heat and and CO2 creation) of creating the alternatives, recycling, taxation shift requirements, market corruption by subsidies and the inequities of outcomes of simplistic bureaucratic decision-making is extraordinary.
    It is a microcosm of the times. two seconds of research and a lifetime of zealotry without a lot of depth of understanding.

    I wont put you on ignore but expect I will occasionally peruse your posts to see what substance they provide.

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