ACT to legalise drugs in time for Tranq

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    In their drive to get the junkie vote the ACT govt is in the process of legalising drugs. So just imagine how many new junkies will be created and remember, junkies will vote labor.

    The new sensation to hit the drug scene in the USA is Tranq....

    "Distressing new video shows addicts stumbling in a trancelike state along sidewalks strewn with burning trash heaps at the epicentre of Philadelphia’s “tranq” drug epidemic.

    The Kensington neighbourhood in northeast Philadelphia, which has become notorious for its open-air drug market, is seen crowded with hordes of drug-addled people — many of them sprawled barefoot on the filthy ground, or slumped over in the video posted on TikTok by thebizzleeffect.

    Some of the addicts appear to have no control over their bodies as they are seen hunched over and struggling to remain on their feet, the NY Post reports.

    Others are seen passed out on random stoops, or in one of the many makeshift homeless encampments dotting the crime-ridden neighbourhood. "

    At least these guys won't be assaulting paramedics etc.

    Give the ACT (as well as Vic) a miss lest you run into a junkie desperate for cash. It's only a matter of time before the labor cretins begin dispensing free drugs.

    Does there needs to be a third way?

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