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I wouldn't say that, as normally I don't sell everything, so any...

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    I wouldn't say that, as normally I don't sell everything, so any decline hurts me as well, maybe not that as much.

    I think I have been lucky with a few trades.

    Usually I try to be transparent and mention my buy or sell at the time I do it (within a day or so) - something I have mentioned before. I do that hoping it may help someone.

    I know for all of us its a very trying time - anyone who is holding shares. And I know a lot of posters that hold for long and usually do not trade. But things will turn one day - I am hoping sooner than later. A lot gets driven in share market on sentiment as well. When the sentiment was good, every tom, dick and harry stocks were making gains. But when sentiment is down, even good guys have nowhere to hide.

    I know lot of punters are very bearish at this moment. Talks of 2c, 1c etc is happening. And its just not AGE. A lot of stocks are in similar situation. We are in the worst of phases in over couple of years.

    What could change -
    • Firstly, I am expecting the steep declines to be over by next week. That is solely due to EOFY sell. A lot of punters are saying its not that, but I believe it will be a factor. Steep declines should go away and even if we don't rise, it will be sideways movement. So if a decline, a slow one.
    • Secondly, US markets if they start doing well, that will bode well for all of us. Last 2 days it has not been bad - a big rise of around 2.5%, then a marginal loss yesterday and that too only in last minutes of trading. Today again, I am not expecting a big red. Sideways (small red or green most probable), but DOW likes to surprise - so it may throw in a good green. In my earlier reports I had said that we need 3 good US market days before ASX stocks will take note. If that happens, we may see stop of this decline. Even if we don't rise much, but could trade slightly higher.
    • Thirdly, what will make biggest impact is when US CPI figures come for June (which comes on 13th July), if the CPI is decreasing, it will give a boost to sagging sentiment. And stock markets will reflect that positivity.

    So we need some good news as well as luck. The points I have mentioned - they need to happen, if we have to return back. The odds are not great though, but its possible. U macro is strongest it has ever been - general market has pulled it down. But that could change with sentiment. We are primed to rise if the sentiment changes - but that's a big if.

    I am pinning my hope on that. I have a feeling we will be higher than our current sp in a month's time. Again odds are not good, but its possible. It can happen. Lets hope so. All the best.
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