oh darling - you who are of the level of disability that you...

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    oh darling - you who are of the level of disability that you can't ever use the reply to button and look like a technological goof

    EVERYONE should be crying tears in regard to babies and toddlers and small children being murdered - shot, bombed, blasted out of beds to be buried under rubble - some in pain and agony until dying alone

    if you aren't crying about that - then, you are a very very poor human

    others - are crying because this Israeli response shows us that humans have leaned absolutely nothing since having 2 world wars, holocausts and atrocities -

    even in the modern era of radio, television and internet -

    we are every bit as brutish, cruel and horrible as we have ever been - in this case of Israel retaliation - even worse than many times in history

    if one isn't crying about that ----------- then, that merely shows us why we are where we are and that we just have no hope of making it

    we shall go extinct - and very soon, and the machines will go on - without humans ever have got anywhere near being a developed being

    all we have succeeded in doing - after 2 million years of hominoid development and after 200,000 years of the development of modern humans is ----

    to build bigger bombs and have the ability to leave our planet

    and thank heavens that we will go extinct before we actually arrive on other planets with living creatures - where we would only infect them with our horribleness as we have done here

    that darling -------- is well worth a cry
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