hmmmmm - unfortunately in wackadoodledoo world, everything...

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    hmmmmm - unfortunately in wackadoodledoo world, everything requires explanation. And unfortunately for 99.9% of subjects - there's just not enough crayons in the world

    one can easily become aghast at the level of stupidity that wackos exhibit -- such as being 'tough' on your best customer, telling them exactly what you think and putting them down whenever you feel like it - because you, the supplier are just so superior

    of course - we all know that this is taught at business school as worlds best practice.

    One wonders where these wackadoodledoo children were on the days that customer care, diplomacy and respect in commerce and foreign relations were taught

    it would all be totally laughable except for the fact that they are allowed to vote and that political parties harvest their populist dumb obnoxious ideas - AND then form policies on them - AND that the party produces people who are as dumb and obnoxious as their supporters -

    Abbott, Morrison, Dutton, Birmingham, Turnbull --------------- all have uttered totally obnoxious, childish totally unnecessary stupidities about foreign leaders.

    Labor doesn't get off scott free - but, they are far better than the Liberal drongos -------- but, I do recall Shorten opening his trap before Trump was president - unnecessarily and of course in the confident belief that no country would be stupid enough to vote in an idiot like trump ---------- but, voila
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