Nah, dirty unreliable old crap coalLooks like a weather...

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    Nah, dirty unreliable old crap coal

    Looks like a weather event.
    Perhaps the network was at it's most sensitive bushfire mitigation setting as a precaution.
    Time will tell.
    Possible scenario:
    Passing storm and lightning strikes caused two transmission lines to trip.
    Resulting in Loy Yang A having no connection to market so it trips to protect itself.
    Triggering rolling blackouts to further protect infrastructure.

    Significant power system event – 13 Feb 2024At 1308 hrs
    13/02/2024 a significant power system event occurred.
    Description of event – Multiple tripping of generation and transmission lines in the Vic region
    Transmission element(s) tripped – Moorabool Sydenham No1 and No2 500 kV lines tripped
    Region/s –
    VicLoad interrupted – in excess of 1000 MW
    Generation volume tripped – 2300 MW
    Updates will be provided as additional information becomes available.
    This Market Notice is issued in accordance with NER clause 4.8.3.
    Manager NEM Real Time Operations
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