American society under attack by the Democrats, page-3

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    I trhink that has been true of the US inthe past ....... but things change from administration to administration ......the US has been withdrawing from conflicts the last two administrations ....markedly so .

    Gaza is down to the terrorists and to Israel .....whatever stance the US took that wouldn't change
    the US has been trying to tone down the Israeli behaviour (which I agree is totally unacceptable ) - I don't believe they are doing enough in that respect ....but that is quite different for trying to blame them for something they are not directly responsible for

    I have become over time anti Israel because of their treatment of the Palestinians - certainly anti Netanyahu - was strongly opposed to Vietnam too and am well aware of US sins .

    But no need to villefy unfairly as you are in this case ......and am also not that naive or silly to imagine as you seem to do that nothing changes
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