are we doing enough?

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    Rosie Batty at the NPC on domestic violence calls on Albanese "to increase funding for gendered violence prevention and make it more consistent."

    "one woman a week is killed by a current or former partner.

    "More than 94 per cent of perpetrators are men.

    "Ms Batty said a key part of stopping such violence before it happens is instilling a sense of compassion, thoughtfulness and kindness in men rather than fostering attitudes that lead to abuse.?

    ABC LINK. (my underline)

    so whats really her point and one that I've learned from and advocated before, is its really down to we men. we need to recognise our responsibility to be less harsh, reactive and judgemental and to abandon our historical legacy that tells us that men have more rights than women, that women deserve greater respect (and admiration) and that we should become exemplars for our fellows by speaking up in support of reducing the incidence of domestic violence.

    generally we men have dominated women for millennia, except in some cultures where women are more recognised as being equals. we have bullied and beaten women as we see them as weaker, less than we are and therefore subject to our dominance. this is our big mistake.
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