At the Dentess

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    I make the distinction from "Dentist" because the practice I go to has only had female staff for years.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that. What red blooded old bloke would object to having attractive young women leaning over him and administering severe pain?
    Funny really. I was there some weeks back with a toothache and after some time trying to upsell me it was finally decided to pull it out.
    Well, she pulled and she pushed (ecstasy) and it wouldn't leave me. So she called in her senior who was a fairly butch looking Asian woman. This'll be good I thought. Same thing. She pushed and she pulled. By thus time I was right out of ecstasy.
    More jab for god's sake I cried. You've had as much as I can give you came the ominous reply
    Just another 20 or 30 seconds I think I can get it.
    No more jab it stays there said I weakly.
    Conference. OK I'm going to leave it. Most of it is gone. In a couple of weeks the flesh will grow over it. (What is my flesh....a fungus?)
    End of treatment.
    Don't show this story to your children.

    Oh, and I made a point of telling Iron Woman what a great young dentist she had and to look after her.
    I couldn't leave her feeling defeated.
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