I actually wonder how much of a threat China poses to us in Aus....

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    I actually wonder how much of a threat China poses to us in Aus. yes they want to trade with, and apparently to dominate, the global economy. they're winning hands down thanks to the advantages they've created, and helped by global companies wanting to save a few cents per unit manufacture, and so attracted so much investment in Chinese manufacturing.

    but does China really pose a military threat to Aus? I doubt it.

    but one thing is certain, the more we arm up with weapons that could potentially attack China, the more they will see us as a viable enemy. this means, of course, that we become a risk to China and so can be attacked if we arm up with nuclear weapons.

    besides this dynamic we also engage with countries China does see as a threat. the countries that once enabled China to build its manufacturing sector are now becoming a threat. and China is ambitious. we will also be a threat if we threaten the Chinese economy.

    China has little tolerance of threats.
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