Aus should reduce IO exports now

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    Australia's over reliance on Io exports to China is worse than an own goal in a World Cup final.

    There is no chance that the CCP will not stop our IO exports when conditions allow this. They play a long vicious game that is littered with the corpses of tens of millions to prove it. The CCP bureaucracy intends to survive no matter what the cost.

    Australia was one of the first to question China's spreading policy of covid. This is seen as insolent. It would seem that any number of public figures were on the CCP payroll here yet were not able to muzzle the question.

    Because China is a neo-colonial power it controls countless countries economically and hence politically. Loan sharkism.

    By beginning to reduce our IO exports the price should sky-rocket. McGowan would of course attempt to or threaten to secede. It would also buy time for the readjustment that will be necessary when the CCP does cut off IO completely.

    It is worth remembering how the stalinist mind works. Both Mao and Stalin ruined their agriculture production thereby bringing on famines. So they had to choose who was going to die of starvation. Any regions that had resisted their domination was first to die.

    Australia has resisted the CCP's attempt to dominate us and hence we are about first on their hate list.
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