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This one here. "If A Happens, B is Likely" scenarios are usually...

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    Old Pals over at Peak Asset are professional gamers wink.png lmao! I would definitely suggest they stop their games but I do not have much influence over anyone. Therefore I must respect the thesis below.
    This one here. "If A Happens, B is Likely" scenarios are usually how I build a case. Nothing to update on yet. Still trending off a lower high. Still playing out that 6 month of nothing pattern. That stage is nearing an end. If they release bad news it'll kill the entire pattern. A company somewhat fundamentally as bad as AVE in a hot market is generally a sign of more things to come. I overlook sentiment on former pump and dump runners like this one.

    If anything price action is behaving like suppression, ie accumulating within a consolidation above key breakout levels. IF I WAS PEAK ASSET I would also smack afew sell lines of my own supply to create that weakness, at the same time getting my 1.7 and 1.8c Buy Orders filled. Cappers love their 2c level on this stock.

    Regarding Sentiment: Seeing as though AVE has its fair share of haters and doubters (for great reasons) one must ask themselves WHO IS BUYING UP ALL THE AVEO options soaking at 0.004?? It certainty can't be the down ramping stale holders stuck at high 3's doing all the buying? It's also not rocket science or a secret to find out who lead brokers were for the placement. Only they would have the size to market make and manipulate the prices. Get ASIC onto it and answers will be given wink.png So stay patient, or definitely complain to authorities as I have done BOTH wink.png GLTAHz just a matter of time as seen on the chart below!


    AVE Daily also below nothing really worth reporting from my last update rolleyes.png


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