Camera's are going in everywhere in all shapes and forms as it...

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    Camera's are going in everywhere in all shapes and forms as it is an expanding billion dollar industry which is demand driven and and with the new AI monitoring systems you don't have to have someone watching a screen 24/7. Government systems are changing as we speak. fines given automatically.

    A mate of mine who works as a public servant but retires next year was telling me about new systems that are going to streamline things, in other words no need for public Servants,. Pretty soon paper gone, no need for office space.

    He said plenty of younger public servants are anxious, but hey don't have to be, just retrain and get into new technology service industries, the days of cushy gov't jobs will be gone in a years time. Totally.

    Slackness in regard to money spent on government services and departments will be trimmed and boned.

    If people haven't noticed we live in a technological evolution these days of the next industrial revolution which isn't just going to affect one aspect of everyone's life, it's going to change everyone's life physically and mentally and culturally, the next young generation will be a better behaved generation because that's the way evolution through technology is going enforce itself. It will erase any religious extremism, or any faiths that differ, it will be a better belief system where everyone is respected because everyone behaves.

    protestors will disappear, as the next social objectors who won't exist anyway, because they won't have the means or the resource to protest anymore.

    Many will make millions out of this change, smart people anyway.

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