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    nice day today, BBUS was up like it should have been, would have been nice to close at $4.11 but 4.09 is still ok

    The SP500 futures were UP but I just checked and they are slightly down again, could be another big sell off soon?

    here is hoping.

    There are so many stocks that look cheap, but I will NOT be tempted to buy any stocks until we get a proper crash, as in at least a 25% DROP, and hoping for a 50% drop.

    Im actually sticking to ETF's from now on, picking individual stocks is a MUGS GAME, im serious, sure ive done well from some gold stocks, but when gold gets to $5,000+ and the DOW collapses, swapping gold for stocks will be very tricky, as some names will survive but who knows, some bIG names might not, especially those drowning in debt.

    Best to stick to ETFs I think.

    IVV for when the SP500 collapses and IOZ for when the asx200 falls further and that's it, at least with these you don't have to worry about picking the wrong company etc... as we know even big names can go under, if management screw up etc...

    anyway, im still holding BBUS wonder if we can get to $5 again or even $6?

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