Bishop: No vote will damage Australia's standing

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    Former foreign minister Julie Bishop says Australia’s international reputation will be damaged if the country votes No in the looming Voice to parliament referendum.

    Ms Bishop joined Foreign Minister Penny Wong in Perth on Monday for a street walk organised to build support for the Yes campaign in Western Australia.

    “I know that Australia’s international reputation can be affected by a No vote,” Ms Bishop said.

    “I have no doubt that it will be sending a very negative message about the openness and the empathy and the respect and responsibility that the Australian people have for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

    “It’s probably more difficult for Penny to say this because she’s out there on the international stage having to promote Australia’s current position, but I would be most concerned at the message this would send the rest of the world if we can’t find it in our hearts to say yes.”

    https://www.copyright link/politics/federal/voice-no-vote-will-damage-australia-s-standing-bishop-20230828-p5e00j
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