Bitcoin; Buying and holding SAFELY

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    Posted this (edited version) elsewhere and wonder if anyone has any words of wisdom?

    A year or 2 ago I started to show some interest in Bitcoin (BC). Given my total disrespect of the worlds Reserve Banks (RB)
    eg. -ive interest rates indeed, race to the bottom on currencies, OPEN influence by outsiders including one "the Donald" (oh dear!), leading to total lack of confidence in the "fiat currency" system ...... have piqued my interest in crypto again.

    Love the theory and conceptually believe it has potential to "be anything". Bottom line is that:

    "a store of wealth that is secure anywhere in the world and avoids RB's appeals"

    So do any of the READERS "believe"?

    - do you own any BC?

    -Whats the safest way to participate?

    -I have "dabbled" with IG Bitcoin CFD's but I am talking owning and buying (on some TA signal), holding for the journey and accepting its "the moon or bust" .... want a "real" BC or 3 securely held in a wallet (whatever that is) inside the web .... not counterparty risk that IG offers.

    Thoughts? Happy for all ideas.
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