Bitcoin getting ready for massive break out ?

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    Bitcoin right now at the time of Writing is in a bull flag , you can see the " Pole " and the Flag being the consolidation. Usually u can get a measured move using the " pole " so that would be about 30k Bitcoin is around the corner.. Also the bottom 2 indicators, The very bottom is MACD which is showing Seller exhaustion , using the Red shaded candles / Darker shaded candles, This is implying sellers losing momentum and buyers are about to take control, Then the one Above is the Stochastic RSI, Its starting to curve up, meaning this could be a big move coming to the upside if there is alot of Volume on this breakout above the " flag "

    Also its Not just Bitcoin that will go up, but Crypto Market cap in general, its about to see massive leg up, it is going to break out, huge move is coming to the upside Bros.

    All fiat currency's are rapidly losing value, FED is going to be printing again soon, they have to, the banks will go down if they dont begin printing soon. Be ready, build in this bear market, not stupid **** but projects in the top 100 that actually have platform and use case.

    the bull run 2024-2025 will be insane, nothing like we have ever seen..Tsunami of money is going to flood into crypto, no cap
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