Unconscious bias? Is that a bias that I have (being white and...

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    Unconscious bias? Is that a bias that I have (being white and all) that I am unaware of but other people can see? Do you realise that the vast majority of white people devote almost no time at all to thinking about the fact that they are white. Seriously, almost none at all. This unconscious bias nonsense has come out of a room in which people have been sat down for too long making stuff up.

    My son is white, he never mentions the fact. He goes to school with a mixed group of kids, he never comments on the differences. He gets asked at school about Black Lives Matter, and he quite innocently says, "sure of course they do, why wouldn't they". I was the same, all my friends were the same. We're not particularly bad or good, high or low, but now we are older, we just look on with open-mouthed astonishment at the assumptions people make about what is going inside our heads because we're white. All these demon white people living as a majority in safe countries that other nations are clamouring to get into and yet we are the ones that need our heads fixing.

    It is relentless. Unconscious bias, to hell with that, find a real science.
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