Bob Carr started the rot in our National Psrks

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    The recent outburst from Carr's crony Greg Mullins was part of the disaster that Carr forced upon NSW. Even the SMH condemned Carr.

    "Creating a national park and then, as this Government has done, largely letting "nature take its course", means this history stops. Gradually the vegetation thickens, the fuel load grows, the animal populations expand, and weeds proliferate. The park becomes a sort of toxic ecological volcano, spewing out fire, kangaroos, weed seeds, and feral animals such as wild dogs into the surrounding countryside. It takes a few decades to reach this point. A lot of our national parks were created in the 1970s and 1980s, which is why these problems started to become acute in the 1990s."


    It was Carr who closed down fire trails, blocking them for maintenance. Padlocking entrances, placing large rocks over the fire trails. Real clever was the green galah. Today he seems to be working for China wherein he displays a fawning relationship with the new boss.

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