Acorn..... a certain amount of cr.p here my friend !! ....Yours...

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    Acorn..... a certain amount of cr.p here my friend !! ....Yours - Yes, some of the forests are being locked up, from logging, not from public access. But, that's another discussion.
    - Public access --- yes but they only ' access' them. They do little else.
    - You are not supposed to take any 'timber' (dead stuff - useless but for firewood ) from a NPark.. big -or small. They say its illegal-- then only if you
    get caught do course.
    -Fallen trees - in some cases not removed from fire trails..and I believe when asked - 'It will be noted ...' Have seen this. -Fact- In time the locals cut
    and removed the trees -and I believe could have been in trouble
    - Have you seen any large rocks etc placed on fire trails to stop vehicle access ????? maybe you should look
    -Cattle/sheep locked out....... these animals can remove undergrowth- over time and do not denude the surroundings-Fact
    -Ask local graziers who live near NParks.... do not ask flat backsided city bureau rats (cats). (apologies to those who do know what they are doing)

    It seems to me that a lot of decisions are made from the comfort of large Offices in cities......................................... not from front line areas

    These are my opinions ----------------

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