Bring the hammer down - 'climate change deniers are dangerous' and being banished from The Conversation, page-30

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    The various climate accords spell it out very clearly but if you want a little detail then just look at the number of coal powered power plants India and China are progressing while Australia shuts theirs down.

    Australia has energy hungry industries becoming uncompetitive as a result as energy prices rise and the associated jobs and wealth creation from cheap energy is transferred to the 'poor' countries over time.

    The G7 have clearly outlined that a transfer of wealth is what they want to achieve - this is not hidden at all. It is a stated aim.

    As long as :-

    govts äppoint' senior scientists to their roles

    and while scientists 'beg' for funds from the govt

    and while junior scientists in turn beg for both jobs and funds to senior scientists

    the ability to corrupt them and their methods is rather easy.

    I am just surprised this did not happen a lot earlier on such a scale as we see today.
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