"How did you get so wrapped up in this Trump phenomenon?"I,...

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    "How did you get so wrapped up in this Trump phenomenon?"

    I, obviously unlike you, have always appreciated fair play.

    The despicable Democrats and their minions 90% of the MSM gave no quarter to Trumps efforts to MAGA and criticised everything that he did in that respect. Refer to hersuit's post above.

    The confected and proven lies of the Democrat leadership, especially Schiff; Schumer, Nadler and the evil witch Pelosi showed just how disgraceful they were that their next puppet Clinton lost badly.

    So many lies from the Democrats and incessant ones from Schiff proves just how dishonourable they are as a Party.

    If Trump had lost fair and square without the corrupt daily actions of the Democrats and their MSM minions I for one would say fairs, fair.

    However, I have morals, unlike many rusted ons here on HC, and it has been adequately demonstrated by many that morals fly out the window when hatred is directed constantly at a duly elected President.

    My plethora of posts and videos attacking Biden are a fair payback imo to those who did not give Trump a fair go.

    Trump achieved a lot of good. Like any human he has his faults. However, the current incumbent is a pale shadow of a true leader and as a 50+yr gravy train, achieve nothing politician he should be put out to pasture. He is an international embarrassment for the USA and the World is a far more dangerous place through his incompetence than under a true leader with intestinal fortitude such as Trump.

    Here endeth the lesson.

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