PPI see a Trump conviction in the Senate as an each way bet.What...

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    I see a Trump conviction in the Senate as an each way bet.

    What GOP Senators say they will do now and what they actually may differ. They all know that Mike Pence is in hiding from pro-Trump terrorists and so they won't (for now) say or do anything to put themselves in Pence's situation.

    US corporations who have pulled funding from pro-Trump politicians and his name branded properties have lost half of their commercial value. That means the monied end of town has dumped Trump.

    And so Trump now says he was partly responsible for the insurrection. I know that what Trump says on Fox maybe scripted and edited BUT the admission may also backfire on Trump IF it provides GOP Senators with a possible pathway to both praise and convict Trump at the same time.

    Every member of Congress knows that the Portland riots don't excuse a continued Trumpist reign of terror. The also know that ongoing Trump inspired terror will destroy GOP mid term chances because corporate funding won't return while the Trump pot continues to be stirred. GOP Senators who need campaign funding need Trump to disappear but he won't. They maybe praying that Trump lets them off the hook by further incriminating himself.
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