Cash Percentage and when to deploy

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    Just wondering what cash balance, as a percentage of total investments, other investors are currently holding - and moreover, when to use the funds to buy more shares. For example, for the past approx. 18 months I have increased my cash % to approx. 25% (some cash from takeovers, the remainder from selling shares specifically to increase my cash position). I am usually 95% - 100% invested in shares.
    I think interest rates are likely to increase further with cash deposits returning 4.5% + for several years.
    I intend to use my cash balance, to purchase more shares, when there is constant media reports of doom and gloom and quality companies are selling at good value (PEs below 11 and yields above 8% would be nice). This could be a capitulation / crash or, most likely, a continuation of the current bear market slow decline.

    I have commenced constructing a list of potential purchases with targeted PEs and yields.

    Old Fisherman
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