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Hi Itsa, if the trial in DMD goes well, it will be...

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    Hi Itsa,
    if the trial in DMD goes well, it will be commercialised.
    If there are 26000 boys in the EU and being conservative we look at 50% being nonambulant, and then we were to get 50% of those boys being treated with ATL-1102 there would be 6500x$100,000 which equals $650m
    If we took $150m expenses to earn $650 it would leave about $500m profit.
    With a conservative PE of only x10 that would have the share price at approx $5.00

    This is all back-of-napkin conversation, and all erring on the very conservative side and doesn't include the US or other non-EU regions.
    It doesn't include any other indications or ailments, just non-ambulent DMD EU boys.
    It also doesn't focus on ramp up or also down, it's a generic median.

    Loose discussion but indicative.
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