You are the ONLY person who continually post Falun Gong videos....

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    You are the ONLY person who continually post Falun Gong videos. You must be one of its members.

    Thought you could hide behind a new youtube channel?? Lol

    For those who need Proof that CHINA TRUTHS is FALUN GONG.

    Here it is:

    China Truths

    China Truths channel brings the audience first-hand news and insights about China

    So who is Ganjing World???

    Unpacking Gan Jing World

    A ‘wholesome’ video platform linked to a Chinese spiritual movement and right-wing newspapers looks a lot like YouTube

    Gan Jing World is a “wholesome digital town square” founded by followers of Falun Gong, a spiritual movement outlawed by the Chinese government in the late 1990s. It is one of many sites linked to theright-wingnews organization theEpoch Times.

    Sandwiched between videos republished from YouTube are ads and channels for Falun Gong–aligned organizations and local businesses. These include the ubiquitous dance troupe Shen Yun as well as theanti-CCPmedia groups theEpoch Timesand New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD)—both of which are owned by theEpoch Times Media Group. Together, these sites make up a tight-knit network echoing the teachings of Falun Gong’s leader and founder, Li Hongzhi (or “Master Li”).

    So, do you believe your Master (Li Hongzhi) is more powerful than God and is the Master of the Universe???

    Are you trying to recruit Falun Gong members and contributions for your Master Hongzhi???

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