DID U SAY 'arabs noticing this'...??‘All About Transparency’:...

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    DID U SAY 'arabs noticing this'...??

    14:08 GMT 13.02.2020(updated 14:24 GMT 13.02.2020)Get short URL
    by Oleg Burunov
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    If the two Ivy League schools refuse to hand their foreign donors-related information to the US Department of Education, a request will be sent to the country’s Justice Department which may lodge civil or criminal action.

    The US Education Department has opened a probe into Harvard and Yale after the two American universities’ alleged failure to disclose at least $6.5 billion in foreign funding from a number of countries, including China and Saudi Arabia.

    The Ivy League schools are accused of soliciting money from foreign governments and companies which are at loggerheads with Washington and potentially seeking to steal research secrets and “spread propaganda".

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