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Oh black get a grip buddy, Yeah long term 5 years away looks...

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    Oh black get a grip buddy, Yeah long term 5 years away looks good. But 5 years is a long time for the world to keep on the green metal brain wash idea, Even the ceo meantion people waking up the facts eveyone cant have a EV.

    He then meantion Hydro, yet its complex, Hard to store n transport n its dangerous pretty much a bomb back of ur car...
    what was the car ford Made and if you ran into it from behind it blow the car up? Well hydro is the same thing.
    Thats why some Car manufacturers are keeping or going back to gas cars because its not visible n the Money isnt there, How much hydro station is there? N to build out would cost hundreds of billions? The world since codvic is broke, Interest rates are all time high cheap or free money is no more. The physical amout of money Is no way in form that hydro would ever be a main thing is a laughing joke. Somthing u tell your kids the santan is real so they feel good.

    I'm just meantion if then drops down lower in the 60c range due to china going belly up due to building 3b households for 1b population and spending trillions on dead project plus the silk road epic fail* n there Massive graveyard of Ev, Will china be another Russia n the Red flag falls?/ They arent in the best spot atm so if they go down Aud will drop under 60c n Metal prices will dump n every mining stock will as well. So just beware of the actual market conditions because in 1 year it already tank 800% now the market conditions are worst n the nail biting to see what china will do to save its own ass in march will be interesting.

    pump fake money into there market to try kick start it but they running out of cash hence they drop 300b in USA bonds for quick cash. Think have around 800b left, not much for fast money.
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