"Albo's army of hungry and homeless?" ........ yeh sure. do you...

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    "Albo's army of hungry and homeless?" ........ yeh sure. do you know that covid screwed up a good situation in housing? people decided they didn't want to share a house with 7 others moping around and farting all day during lockdown. they went to rent single apartment and old houses or moved back in wth mum and dad.

    this happened all over the world and caused rises in housing prices, including the same construction supply problems and the sea and air transport issues which caused global inflation..... blah blah. yes I'm sure you get the picture.

    I was just listening to pod-analysis of the current Aus problems, how its all inter-related with other countries and that. yes our own homeless are a tragic problem that will take over a decade to turn around. what do you suggest the Dutton govt would do?
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