Commsec Conditional Trades - Multiple Triggers

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    Hoping someone here can assist as Commsec help is unavailable over the weekend. I would like sorted beforehand as I am doing the same for another 10 stocks prior to open on Monday.

    What I am trying to work out is what would happen in the situation where both a Falling Sell and a Trailing Sell are both triggered on the same stock. (Commsec warns me and then requires me to acknowledge that I have more than one conditional trade on the same stock - it just doesn't tell me what I need to be warned for.)

    Both sells are for the total 50,000 units I hold. Both conditions could be triggered if the stock price rose say 5% and then fell 10%. (which is not totally out of the question).

    Does Commsec attempt to sell double (100,000) what I actually hold or is it smart enough to stop selling when 50,000 units in total have been sold?

    If it did sell double what I actually hold then what would I be liable for? A penalty or fine or if the sp was $1 then $50k?

    Thanks for any replies.
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