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    As the metals world descends on London this week, it seems everybody has something in common: they’re all copper bulls.

    What others are saying about copper:

    Commodities bank: “There’s a pretty interesting dichotomy between the macro and micro in metals. We’ve seen macro and trend-following funds running fairly large short positions as these markets have been moving lower, but during these last couple of months there’s been quite a bit of physical tightness, especially in copper.”

    The world’s largest publicly traded copper producer: “It’s not sustainable. Either the copper price adjusts to the positive fundamentals, or the trade issues lead to a deterioration in the fundamentals, but that deterioration has not occurred yet. And it’s perplexing.”

    Chilean copper miner: “The outlook for copper is very positive, I think on the demand side emerging markets continue to drive a lot of physical demand, China demand for copper is expected to grow this year above 4 percent, and also in other parts of the world like the US and Europe demand is actually -- physical demand -- is quite strong.

    On the supply side, copper is in shortage.”


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