SO SADmy concern is that people up to age 70 are going to "do...

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    SO SAD

    my concern is that people up to age 70 are going to "do themselves in" due to the insanity of economic lock down resulting in mortgage defaults, no income to live off and so on --- think of the unbeleivable tensions in small families at thois pojint .. between hubbies and wives as both parties take it out on the kids... and then there are the kids via social media seing the death toll rising and maybe think themselves to be next... and the flamboyant papers dont dissect the death number sin to over 70/80/90 with other diseases - diabtes, heart and cancer

    this is a tragedy in the making - and need not be ......

    when its the over 70s with health conditions should stay hom e.... I am in this category

    why are schools still open... cause the kids dont get sick - if they do like anyoine esle go home to bed for 14 days and act as if it is the flu, that comes around every year
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