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    "What does testing have to do with over 15% increase in expected deaths."

    What does this sentence even mean?

    "How is the number of people dying is misleading?"

    WHO diktats immediately and unjustifiably instigated by health authorities worldwide show the degree and the extent of deliberately misleading reported covid deaths as exposed by the latest insider whistleblower;

    .."On March 24th, 2020, only 11 days after the first lockdown started, and well before widespread testing was available, the NVSS gave hand-holding guidance to the medical certifiers, local registrars and mortality statistics coders on precisely how they ought to spotlight COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death on death certificates. They boldly declared that COVID should be the underlying cause on a death certificate "more often than not" even without laboratory confirmation of infection. What's crazier still, is that when they created this COVID alert in March and followed up by releasing this COVID death recording guidance a few days later, we couldn't have possibly had enough country-specific statistics to justify such a drastic departure in coding COVID deaths compared to how other infectious disease fatalities are ascertained.

    So the NVSS actually dictated a belief to the community of death certificate medical certifiers and vital records registrars (who are our cause-of-death approval "gate keepers"), before having any reasonable disease surveillance infrastructure established to support their claim of probability of undiagnosed COVID being the cause of death, thus greatly amplifying the perception of COVID mortality..

    ..Furthermore, their COVID-19 death certifying guidance, changed the death certification long-standing protocols when it declared: "...reporting "COVID-19" due to "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease" in Part I would be an illogical sequence as COPD cannot cause an infection, although it may increase susceptibility to or exacerbate an infection. In this instance, COVID-19 would be reported in Part I as the UCOD [underlying cause of death] and the COPD in Part II [as the contributory factor]."

    More here:

    "But you believe it is a hoax, just another flu, and the earth is flat!"

    Why did they orchestrate a fear campaign to shut down the world for a virus no more deadly than severe flu, and in doing so create far more deaths and harms, while deliberaly denying proven, safe and cheap lifesaving treatments?

    The latestsystematic evaluation shows an infection fatality rate withSARS-CoV-2 of only 0.15% - which is similar to severe influenza outbreaks – and the vast majority of deaths‘associated’ with the virus were aged over 85 and already had underlying healthconditions.

    "Allsystematic evaluations of seroprevalence data converge that SARS‐CoV‐2infection is widely spread globally. Acknowledging residual uncertainties, theavailable evidence suggests an average global IFR of ~0.15%"

    Far more deaths,harms, long term negative impacts and threats to our basic rights and freedomswere caused by the authoritarian over-reaction to the virus than the viruscould have ever caused.

    Of those 0.15% whodied with SARS-CoV-2 infection - almost all at the average life expectancyanyway - already had 2-3 pre-exisiting co-morbidities yet were classified as'covid deaths' if they either tested positive via inaccurate PCR testing oreven if they simply presented with 'covid-like' symptoms (ie. Flu, which justhappened to magically disappear during the pandemic).

    To inflate deathnumbers and public fears even further, covid hospital patients were not onlygiven highly ineffective and potentially harmful treatments but weresystematically denied safe, cheap and proven lifesaving treatments. Accordingto those in power, there is no alternative to expensive patented drugtherapies, harmful intubation, and experimental mass vaccinations. For whose benefit?

    Protecting theelderly, implementing proven early treatment options and developing naturalherd immunity, initially within young and healthy populations, would havecaused far less death and harms without lockdowns and the disastrous impacts on globalpoverty and starvation, economies and livelihoods, physical and mental healthas well as an unprecedented and tyrannical destruction of our fundamental rights, freedoms and civil liberties.

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